Receive payouts from equity

As mentioned earlier, it is important to understand that some investments may take years to realize returns. Private investments are risky and in extreme cases, an investor may lose the entire investment.

Receive payouts from ListCo Bonds

If you have invested in ListCo Bonds, you will receive 50% of the principal amount in the 1st fiscal year, along with the stated interest payment. The remaining 50% of the principal amount and interest payments with be paid at the end of the 2nd fiscal year.

These payouts will be transferred via electronic payment, directly to your CDP (Central Depository) account.

Are my investment returns guaranteed?

FundedHere does not guarantee returns for all investment-based deals. All investments involve some level of risk which we mitigate with our vetting processes, but the final decision ultimately lies with the individual investor. 

With regards to ListCo Bonds, the guarantee is offered directly to you by the business owners of the companies.

Continue engaging with the start up

After your investment, you are encouraged to continue engaging with the start-up. After all, a successful start-up will increase your investment returns!

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