What does FundedHere do?

FundedHere is Singapore’s first crowdfunding platform that funds innovation through equity or debt. We launched in March 2015 and on 18 March 2016, we obtained our Capital Markets Services (CMS) Licence from the Monetary Authority of Singapore, which permits us to issue shares.

Why invest with FundedHere?

We provide investors unique opportunities to participate in the funding of exciting early-stage startups or the ListCo Bond campaigns of listed companies.

With FundedHere, there’s no need to deal with multiple parties. Our platform links startups with a lead investor who will determine and negotiate the terms for the campaign.

The FundedHere team has implemented a set of screening procedures and selection criteria for startups that are allowed to build fundraising campaigns on our platform. 

Is this fundraising structure legal and regulated?

Yes, FundedHere is the first company in Singapore to receive its Capital Markets Services (CMS) Licence in accordance with the Securities and Futures Act from the Monetary Authority of Singapore. 

We received the CMS Licence, which permits us to issue shares, on 18 March 2016.

Who can join FundedHere’s investor network?

Our investor network comprises of more than 1,000 Accredited Investors (AIs), Institutional Investors (IIs) and Professional Investors (PIs) from various industries in Singapore.

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