Costs of running a campaign

For an equity fundraising exercise, FundedHere charges 6% (cash) plus 2% (equity in kind at the same valuation round) of the amount raised.

For a debt fundraising exercise, FundedHere charges a 1.5% fee per annum of the amount raised. 

All charges will only be incurred if your campaign is successful. 

Underfunded campaign

Campaigns sometimes fall short of their targeted funding goals. If the campaign hits > 80% of its target, the business will be given access to the funds raised at the conclusion of the fundraising cycle. 

If the campaign hits < 80% of its target, the business can either extend the cycle or close the campaign.

If you choose to close the campaign, we will send you a one-page summary report for you containing feedback from our team, as well as investors that have shown interest in your startup.

Overfunded campaign

If your campaign achieves > 100% funding, the company will have the option to upsize. 

If not, allocation will be done on a pro rata basis. Your company will have full autonomy on this decision. 

Raise further funding

After a successful round of fundraising through FundedHere, you have the option of utilizing our platform for subsequent rounds.

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