1. Register as a new user

To register as a user, head over to www.fundedhere.com and create a new account. 

Upon registration, the FundedHere team will get back to you regarding the next steps. 

2. Undergo our assessment 

Before launching your campaign, the FundedHere team will require several documents to assess your startup. These include an investment summary, pitch deck and your ACRA Biz file. 

Once you’ve submitted your application, it will be sent to our investment team for assessment. Only campaigns which have been vetted and approved by the FundedHere team will be listed on our platform. 

If your startup has been approved by our team, you can proceed to the on-boarding process. Our team will work closely with you on your marketing content.

Once our campaign director has approved your campaign, it would then go 'live'.

3. FundedHere’s criteria for deals

The most important criteria that we look at is your startup’s idea! Having a unique idea is the key to attracting investors. 

However, our team also bases our selection on your investment summary. This summary covers a wide range of information, from financials to the fundamental business strategy. 

Before you join our platform, do ensure that you have completed your financial projections.

4. Take advantage of our support network

FundedHere is more than just a platform. Our team supports you through every step of your fundraising journey. Do check out ‘Why FundedHere’ for information on the additional benefits you can gain from working with FundedHere.

We also have an extensive ecosystem of investors from numerous industries. Your startup will have the opportunity to engage with these investors and potentially on-board them as key mentors. 

5. Cost of preparing legal documents for campaigns

FundedHere has a standardized share description document that enables investors to subscribe to non-voting common shares pari passu. These documents are prepared by FundedHere at no additional cost.

Bond issuing costs are covered by the issuer but also standardized for maximum cost efficiency.

6. How long before your campaign can go live

The time it takes to go live depends on your startup and how quickly you can prepare the necessary documents. In our experience, most campaigns take no more than 14 days go live once they have been approved by the FundedHere team.

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