1. Unique funding opportunities 

We have access to unique funding opportunities. Participate by funding exciting early-stage startups or invest into exclusive ListCo bond campaigns. 

2. Exclusive access to top deals and startup entrepreneurs

We have exclusive access to top deals that are carefully curated by our team. We only choose the best - startups have to go undergo a thorough set of screening procedures and a strict selection process before they are onboarded. You’ll get a chance to look through new campaigns every month via our newsletter.

3. Ecosystem of experienced entrepreneurs and investors

You’ll be investing alongside serious investors - we currently have more than 1000 accredited investors on our platform. We also have access to both experienced investors and distinguished mentors in our ecosystem.

4. Low minimum investment for a more diversed portfolio

FundedHere also provides opportunities to investors with a low minimum investment amount for those who would like to invest smaller amounts of capital into more companies so as to expand their portfolio.

5. More than just a platform

We are more than just a platform - apart from the ease of investing via our FundedHere platform, our team is committed to actively engaging with our investors to better understand their interests and to provide a personalized experience for all.

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