Who can invest in FundedHere’s platform?

Only institutional, accredited and professional investors can invest in the deals listed on FundedHere’s platform.

Who qualifies as a Professional Investor (PI)?

In Singapore, a PI is defined as an individual with a minimum annual income of $100,000 and a professional in his/her own field. 

PIs must also pass a suitability or knowledge test to qualify for investment.

Who qualifies as an Accredited Investor (AI)?

In Singapore, an AI is defined as an individual with: 

personal net assets exceeding S$2 million in value or its equivalent in a foreign currency; or income in the preceding 12 months of no less thanS$300,000 or its equivalent in a foreign currency.

Who qualifies as an Institutional Investor (II)?

In Singapore, an II is defined as a corporation with net assets exceeding $10 million in value.

What are the benefits of being an investor on FundedHere?

As an Investor on FundedHere, you gain exclusive access to top Deals. You will be able to invest alongside serious investors from our ecosystem. We provide a self-served, consolidated platform for you to review the terms of a Deal, download investment docs, and connect with founders online.

Deals on FundedHere also lower their minimum investment to allow prospective investors the opportunity to invest smaller amounts of capital in more companies to expand your portfolio.

What steps does FundedHere take to protect investors?

 Before raising funds through our platform, companies are vetted by FundedHere’s thorough screening procedures and selection criteria to determine whether they are suitable candidates.

Can I make an investment under a deal’s minimum investment size?

The minimum investment size, or ticket size, of each deal on FundedHere reflects the balance between a company's interests and potential investors' appetites.

As such, you currently may not make an investment under the defined minimum amount.

How would I know when my investment is complete?

Once you have confirmed your interest to invest in a campaign, you will be directly contacted by the company to complete the necessary documentation.

Can I withdraw my commitment?

Yes, you may withdraw your commitment at any point before the signature of e-documents (which represent a binding contract between yourself and the company in which you're investing), whereupon your commitment will become irreversible.
You will need to contact the FundedHere team and let them know you are no longer interested. Remember at this point it also is invaluable to give feedback to companies about why you choose to part.

Will I receive guaranteed investment returns?

FundedHere does not guarantee returns for all investment-based deals. All investments involve some level of risk which we mitigate with our vetting processes, but the final decision ultimately lies with the individual investor. 

In the case of secured and guaranteed investments (as is typical for bond deals), the guarantee is offered directly to you by the business owners of the companies. 

It is important to understand that some investments may take years to realise returns. Private investments are risky and in extreme cases, an investor may lose the entire investment.

Do actual investment and transactions happen on FundedHere?

At this time, the actual transaction of wiring money does not happen on FundedHere. The closing of dollars will happen offline with the company.
FundedHere is a marketing and engagement tool for company Deal’s, with a growing crowd of investors actively investing in Deals.

Is my reservation on FundedHere binding?

No, your reservation is non-binding but more of a show of interest.

How do I start investing in a campaign?

You will first need to complete your personal profile by indicating your investor preferences (e.g. industry or geographical interest for investment). 

You will then be required to complete our self-accreditation agreement. 

Congratulations! You’re accredited on our platform and can start investing through FundedHere.

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